Donald Trump proves he’s somehow even dumber than we thought

One thing can absolutely be said about Donald Trump: He is the most stupid, misguided president this country has ever had. Some of the things that come out of his mouth are so far-fetched that you can’t do anything except shake your head. He said to the media that Kurdish fighters, who are being slaughtered by the Turkey military, are “not angels, if you take a look.”

Take a look at what? They have been fighting ISIS for years, and yes, they have had to kill. Does that make them “not angels?” Does that make our military “not angels” as well when they have to kill the enemy? Instead of leaving well enough alone by shutting his stupid mouth, Trump went on to say, “we paid a lot of money for them to fight with us. . . . They did well when they fought with us. They didn’t do so well when they didn’t fight with us.” What? What in the hell does any of this even mean?

As if saying all this nonsense once isn’t enough, Trump repeated his insulting rhetoric at a news conference. He then said, “Who is an angel? There aren’t too many around.” Certainly, Trump isn’t one, and neither are his enablers who continue to break rank with him. His top apologist, Lindsey Graham, seems beside himself over the Syrian pullout. Graham has said that pulling out the troops in Syria will be “the biggest mistake of [Trump’s] presidency.” Tired of hearing Graham disagree with him, Trump decided to lash out today. He suggested that Graham should focus on “what happened with Comey, what happened with McCabe, Lisa, what happened with Peter Strzok, what happened with President Obama.” Can you say “obsessed?” That is exactly what Trump appears to be. He has done a completely unacceptable job as president and instead of proving everyone wrong about his inability to effectively lead, he makes that belief reality. Never have we seen a president so intently focused on everything but his job.

Graham said that he hopes “abandoning the Kurds won’t come back to haunt us, ISIS won’t reemerge, and Iran will not fill the vacuum created by this decision.” As painful as it is to admit, Graham is correct. Trump, who knows nothing about anything, instead claims that he was elected to pull our troops back from around the world. Again, what? Has this man not studied American history? Does he not understand why troops are stationed abroad? It is painfully clear that while Trump claims to have the troops’ interests at heart, why then did he turn around and send troops to Saudi Arabia on the heels of the Syrian pullout? His personal interests are in play in both situations, from his hotel in Turkey to his family’s bailouts from the Saudis.

Honestly, any and everything having to do with Trump is suspect. He has never had our interests at heart. His decisions and actions do nothing but point to his own self-interests. Sadly, his self-interests are at our peril. No one will ever look at the U.S. the same following this disaster of a “presidency.”

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