Even some of Donald Trump’s most prominent supporters are turning against him as he hides like a coward

The popular theory all along was that Donald Trump’s base wouldn’t abandon him no matter what. Of course, the poll numbers show that over the past few months he’s lost a chunk of supporters who were never part of his base. But what about his true believers? Some of them are willing to go down with the ship – but others clearly aren’t.

For instance Mike Cernovich, best known for the pizzagate lunatic conspiracy theory, tweeted this last night: “Does Trump have dementia or something? Because sitting on his fat ass right now isn’t the right move.” To be clear, Cernovich wants Trump to take deranged steps against protesters, so he’s definitely on the wrong side of all this. But with Trump hiding in a bunker and refusing to do anything, some of his biggest cheerleaders are outraged that he’s seemingly given up altogether.

Then there’s Ann Coulter, who tweeted last night that Trump must be in his underground bunker hunting for new leads in the Joe Scarborough murder conspiracy. She’s turned against Trump entirely, and she’s now using him as a daily punching bag. Again, she’s still very much on the wrong side of things, but she’s now trying to convince the far-right that Trump is a weakling who failed them. Even lunatic Pat Robertson says Trump has been too distracted by the rocket launch to provide leadership.

Again, none of these people are suddenly on the correct side of things. Rather, they’re simply turning against Donald Trump because they perceive him as being too weak, cowardly, and distracted. They still want to be rooting for him, but they’re too discouraged by his failure. If people like this stay home on election day instead of voting for Trump, it’ll sink his chances.

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