Everyone piles on after Donald Trump inexplicably tweets photos that give away just how empty his rally was

After the pathetic turnout at Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally on Saturday night, everyone working for his campaign is potentially in danger of being fired. Whoever handles multimedia for Trump’s Twitter account might be in even more trouble, based on what just got tweeted from Trump’s account.

Trump was barely able to fill the lower deck of the arena, with the upper deck consisting of mostly empty seats. The only way to hide this would be to take photos of Trump speaking that only showed the lower deck in the background. But if you take a look at this Trump tweet, and you look at the photos at full size, two of them clearly show the empty blue seat in the upper deck:



It appears we’ve reached the point where Donald Trump’s campaign staff is so incompetent, they don’t even know how to properly crop a photo. Not surprisingly, everyone piled about it on in the replies. So much for the “silent majority.” Unless Trump’s “majority” consists of people who are invisible, half those seats were empty.

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