Everyone piles on after Donald Trump’s “Low IQ” meltdown

The more Donald Trump’s mental and cognitive faculties fail him in plain sight, the harder he tries to convince us all that it’s actually his opponent Joe Biden who’s somehow going senile. Now Trump is trying to convince us that Biden – who has spent forty years in politics showing us just how smart and savvy he is – somehow isn’t intelligent:



Really? This is what Donald Trump wants to stake himself to? The notion that Joe Biden has a low IQ? No one believes this. Let’s just say that it didn’t go over well, as the phrase “low IQ” quickly began trending on Twitter as everyone piled on about how stupid Trump’s tweet was.

What is notable is that Trump usually reserves his “low IQ” insult for black public figures, as part of his overall pattern of racism. But now he’s including Biden in his group of supposed low IQ individuals. It’s as if Trump can’t even remember his own usual pattern of insults anymore.

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