Everyone take a deep breath

This is a tough week all around, isn’t it? But Donald Trump hasn’t “won” anything. He pulled a stunt so he could falsely announce that he’s been exonerated on crimes we all saw him commit in plain sight, and now the media is doing what it does best: building him up for a week or a month, just so it can tear him down next week or next month, getting ratings out of it the whole time. The pendulum will soon swing back.

Donald Trump is going to beat his chest during this brief open window. It’ll be disgusting and harmful. He’s coming after the Democrats. He’s coming after the media. He’s coming after your health care. He’s drunk with what he thinks is unlimited power. But just wait until the media gets its hands on the real Mueller report, or on Trump’s next criminal scandal. They’ll tear him to pieces for it, because ratings. His window will close.

Soon enough it’ll be open season on Trump again. The witnesses who tried to help Mueller build criminal cases will just start blabbing instead. And once the media finishes milking the “Trump vindicated” hype, it’ll start busting out all the scandalous stuff it can find on him. Remember when the New York District Attorney brought state charges against Manafort the second his Mueller trial was done? This suggests they’ll also bring state charges against Trump, his business partners, his family. The new Attorney General for New York has even said she’d investigate things like the Trump Tower meeting. So much for “no collusion.” And now they don’t have to wait for Mueller to finish, because he is finished.

Meanwhile, when House Democrats do get their hands on the real Mueller report, they’re off to the races. We now know that Mueller created a roadmap for Congress to put Trump on trial for his crimes. For the moment Dems have to play defense on ACA etc. But that’ll shift back. Nancy Pelosi said to reporters today that “Impeachment is not on the table until it is on the table.” She sounds more pro-impeachment now than she did last month. She knows where this is headed. She just knows it’s not headed there this week.

In the meantime, what are we supposed to do? Shake off the nausea, spend this week fighting to save the ACA and help limit Trump’s other offensives. Once Trump’s battle of the bulge ends, and it will, we’ll be back on track to dismantle him. Also, make sure your nonpolitical / low information friends know that the Barr report is an attempted coverup of the Mueller report. Convince them not to make any conclusions until the Mueller report comes out. Those types like any excuse not to have to pick a side yet anyway.

But really, take care of yourselves. I’ve worked myself into physical and mental exhaustion these past two years, and I know that some of you have pushed yourselves even harder. Don’t let this week get to you. Trump is overplaying a thin hand. The pendulum will shift back before long. It always does.

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