Everything about this stinks

We have an absence of Mueller. In his place, we have a Hollywood style rollout of the Mueller Report findings – or leavings, depending on your point of view – being previewed by the Attorney General Bill Barr. Apparently Barr will answer questions during his time on the Red Carpet, though at that point in the morning, it will be a while before questions can reasonably be formed, since the redacted Mueller Report won’t be released until another hour or two later.

This smells of cheap, rotten caviar. Everything is being spun, managed, shined up and polished so that whatever crimes The Donald and Co. have committed will somehow, in the murk, attain plausible deniability. Hard questions need to be asked of Bill Barr, and not just all day long, but indefinitely into the future until transparency is finally achieved.

Subpoenas should launch today like flying monkeys all around this group, especially since the head of the State Department, Secretary Mike Pompeo, was seen leaving the Department of Justice just after Barr announced his press conference, according to ABC News. FYI – the Secretary of State doesn’t normally visit the Department of Justice. Apparently this has been the only time Pompeo has been seen at Justice. It’s nice they could all have a friendly meeting to get their stories straight.

For now, there is an absence of Robert Mueller. We need him to answer the hard questions, from his own mouth and from his full unredacted report. But there is definitely no absence of malice in Barr’s treatment of Mueller’s report, or in his treatment of the people of the United States.

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