Everything hits the fan

Judge Sullivan of the Flynn case just hired a high-powered lawyer to represent himself. Sullivan seems to be protecting himself from retaliation Barr’s DOJ for not throwing out the Flynn case. This should get interesting. Meanwhile people in the US are dying while Trump plays golf. Rome burning is amateur hour for this gold-plated Nero.

Now it seems Trump wants to resume nuclear testing, an activity the US has refrained from since 1992. The good thing is this is expensive, difficult and time-consuming. In a time of COVID 19 it’s doubtful we’ll have the money to do this. But what is Trump thinking? Is this just for a show of power to keep the MAGAs impressed? Is this to piss off China? Maybe both, but we think it’s also a mega-distraction when everything else is piling up against Trump’s successful re-election.

If Trump attempts to make an end run for a nuclear test, Congress and the EPA will surely weigh in. Additionally, Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs will have their say, making the process a very time-consuming endeavor. It’s doubtful Trump can make this go forward and even if he does get movement on it, Biden will shut it down as soon as he gets into office.

But we needed the reminder as we grow jaded to the insults and stupidity of the Trump administration, that he holds the highest office in the world. Besides the coronavirus, we are also up against stupid evil, and every day to November Trump will be getting more and more dangerous. That he plans a dramatic final episode to his reality TV sh*tshow presidency is a sure thing. How damaging depends on the moment. But everything is on the table, including “the nuclear.” We’re holding our breath until January 20, 2021.

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