Everything hits the fan at once

Experts predicted that once “president” Donald Trump was “acquitted” in the sham senate trial, he would be worse. In our hearts, we already knew this. We likely could have guessed some of his initial actions, such as going after Mitt Romney and those who testified against him in the House investigation: Gordon Sondlon and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. His justification for Vindman, according to the Independent and his own Tweet, was that Vindman was “very insubordinate, reported contents of my ‘perfect’ calls incorrectly.” Let’s say for the sake of fantasy that this is true. Then, what infraction did Vindman’s twin brother Yevgeny commit? He too was fired from the National Security Council. Trump is an evil liar, and his base continues to eat it up, and they appear oblivious to everything else he does, including Trump’s continued robbery of taxpayers.

The Atlantic published a piece questioning the cost of Secret Service rooms when traveling with Trump. They’re not on vacation, nor are these luxury trips. Still, they (we) were charged anywhere from $400 to $650 per night to stay at Mar-a-Lago. David Fahrenthold (Washington Post) has been keeping tabs on Trump’s robbery and recently revealed not only the charges at Mar-a-Lago but that the Secret Service (again, we) were charged $17,000 per month for a small cottage at Trump’s Bedminster, NJ golf course, regardless of Trump’s presence. So, if Trump wasn’t there, we can assume that neither were the Secret Service, yet taxpayers are paying rent for this cottage.

The Atlantic reveals that just last year, Trump’s son Eric was asked about charges for the Secret Service when traveling with Trump, and just like his miscreant father, Eric blatantly lied: “If my father travels, they stay at our properties for free.” He went on to say that his father is saving the government tons of money by allowing the Secret Service to stay free or for “$50 per night.” Wow. The lying apples don’t fall far from the tree in this criminal family. It is painfully clear why Trump wanted the presidency and why he fights to keep it, even though he has no interest in doing what’s best for this country. The most puzzling thing in this equation, however, is his supporters.

Other than the wealthy 1% who like Trump because he protects their millions and the Evangelicals who don’t like abortion, it is hard to honestly fathom the attraction of this man to people who barely have a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of. He cares nothing about them. He does, however, care about something very important to them: Racism and hate. As the Independent also reports, the KKK has issued a front-page endorsement of Trump. What a shock. When this same organization endorsed Ronald Regan years ago, he immediately denounced them, their organization, and their endorsement. Don’t expect Trump to do the same. He needs those votes.

Everything surrounding or even remotely related to Trump is coming to a head. His white supremacist followers are getting bolder by the day, and the rest of the world isn’t going to sit back and allow them to do what they wish they could. The ultimate fallout from Trump is not going to be pretty.

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