Everything is about to hit the fan today

If you thought yesterday was chaotic… you’re right. We’ve reached the point where an openly villainous and clearly half-senile President of the United States is sheepishly walking out of his own press conference because reporters are done taking his crap and he has no idea how to fight back. But while yesterday was one of those made-for-TV dystopian moments, things are really about to hit the fan today.

Two major events are scheduled to play out today in parallel. We’ve got the Supreme Court beginning hearings on whether to turn over Donald Trump’s tax returns, and while there won’t be a final ruling today, today’s arguments could give some indication of which way swing vote John Roberts is planning to go. Roberts can’t be trusted in general, but he did save Obamacare, so his rulings can be unpredictable.

At the same time this is going on, we’ve got Dr. Anthony Fauci and some other folks testifying to a Senate committee about whether to reopen the country. What’s remarkable is that three of the four expert witnesses, along with the Chairman of the committee, are currently in quarantine and will be participating remotely. Of course the only reason anyone will be watching is to see what Fauci says about Trump. So it’s notable that the New York Times is reporting tonight that Fauci will say that reopening too soon will have serious deadly consequences – something that Trump doesn’t want to hear.

These two events will happen today, even as other storylines also play out in the background. We’ve got the coronavirus outbreak in the White House, the quarantine non-quarantine of Mike Pence, and of course the worsening mental state of Donald Trump, who is unraveling by the hour.

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