Everything is falling apart for Donald Trump in real time

“President” Donald Trump is probably feeling a bit claustrophobic these days as his bad deeds are closing in on him. He’s potentially on the verge of war with Iran, which many believe to be an attempt to distract from his Ukraine crimes. Given that this unannounced missile strike occurred less than 24 hours after the release of unredacted emails, distraction certainly makes sense.

Iraq has ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops, and according to Politico, Hezbollah has said that the U.S. “will pay the price for Soleimani’s killing.” So what does Donald Trump do? More blustering and grandstanding, as Trump has tweeted that if Iran retaliates, the U.S. “will quickly & fully strike back, & perhaps in a disproportionate manner.” Meanwhile, Trump’s tax cuts continue to blow up in his face. Let’s hope his conflict with Iraq doesn’t blow up in all of our faces while we grapple with the reality of his tax cuts.

Business Insider reports that two years after Trump’s ill-advised tax cuts, the “results are embarrassing.” Trump frequently bragged about how he would increase the GDP and further claimed that his tax cuts would be the impetus. Not only did that not happen, but Trump’s promise that his tax cuts would “pay for” themselves “with growth and reduced deductions” have also never come to pass. Instead, the deficit has grown by 50% and revenues collected from the extremely generous cut given to corporations were overestimated by 40% according to the Tax Policy Center. According to BI, corporations paid $135 billion less in taxes in 2018 than they did in 2017. Had that change not been made, we probably would not be looking at a 50% increase to the deficit. Where do these people learn math? This is simple grammar school math, not calculus. It’s the same math that helps you lose weight—take in less calories than you work off, and you lose weight. Take in $135 billion less in taxes and increase the deficit.

In addition to the tax cut disaster, Trump has been caught red-handed in the Ukraine scandal. While most already knew that, the recently unredacted emails provide further evidence of the Trump administration’s attempts to cover for Trump. Congress isn’t going to allow this evidence to go by the wayside. Look to hear more about this in the future, though Trump’s missile attack did what he intended: Took the attention off his crimes—at least for the time being.
Trump will now have to run for reelection with these dismal numbers and his impeachment over his head, and it makes sense that he would start a war to distract from all of this. Trump’s tax cuts are directly impacting the revenue that should be a share of GDP, setting it below what is expected for a healthy economy, 18.4%. It currently sits at 16.3%. Further, the Congressional Budget Office is predicting an even wider berth in income inequality thanks to Trump and his tax cuts for the very wealthy. Trump will feel the walls closing in on him even more come November, and we will be rid of him and his bad policies forever.

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