Everything is hitting the fan at once

What we know: Trump had a conversation with the president Ukraine, in which he asked Ukraine eight times to investigate Biden’s son. Russia Today, meanwhile, is confirming Putin’s trolling of Trump, in addition to the fact that Putin refers to Ukraine as “New Russia.” We also know that our spy closest to Putin was exfiltrated in 2017, and that Trump has requested the names of our top spies.

Sure, nothing to see here. In Trump’s private conversation in Helsinki, there can be no doubt that Putin requested unlawful behavior from Trump. Trump has recently tweeted his skepticism about our using our spies against hostile nations. We also deeply suspect Trump’s friendship with Kim Jong Un is rooted in his ability to give Putin messages without our intelligence services monitoring them.

Forget Trump’s attempt to get dirt on Biden; it’s the molehill next to this treason mountain. This scandal is much bigger. If you are still confused over the crimes being mentioned here, re-read this timeline: 7-31-19 Trump speaks with Putin; 8-3-19 Trump requested list of top US spies; 8-12-19 whistleblower complaint filed detailing alarming “promise” to foreign leader; 9-10-19 Russia publishes name and biography of exfiltrated US spy in Russia and the same day Trump says we should not use spies.

Trump wants to stay out of prison and make money. That’s it. The fact that he’s been elected to the highest office in the land means nothing to him except as a springboard to more money. Putin is considered the richest man in the world, so, of course, he’s got Trump’s lips sewn to his behind. Our loyal spies and our national security don’t even appear on his radar. What Putin wants, Putin gets. People who’ve backed Trump are all complicit in this treason. Lock them all up and throw away the key.

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