New details emerge about what Michael Cohen is going to publicly expose about Donald Trump

Even amid growing buzz that the federal prosecutors for the SDNY could be gearing up to criminally indict Donald Trump while he’s still in office, one of the SDNY’s star witnesses – Trump’s former longtime fixer Michael Cohen – has finally been cleared by prosecutors to publicly testify about Trump’s crimes this upcoming Wednesday. Now we’re learning about the dirt that Cohen has given the SNDY on Trump.

In what appears to be an attempt at laying the groundwork through the media for Michael Cohen’s upcoming public testimony, someone (read: the SDNY itself) has given the New York Times the lowdown on what Cohen has given the SNDY. It turns out Cohen has blabbed about “irregularities” in the Trump Organization, including something involving “insurance claims.” This comes shortly after the House Oversight Committee announced that Cohen will be testifying about, among other things, Trump Organization financial fraud. But there’s more.

Michael Cohen has also dished to SDNY about payments made to Donald Trump’s inauguration fund, which are widely suspected to have been thinly disguised personal bribes. In other words, this NY Times expose confirms the specifics of what we already knew in general terms: Cohen has given the SDNY everything he knows about Trump’s crimes. But here’s the interesting part.

As of right now there are no publicly visible court filings, indictments, or legal documents of any kind to support what’s being reported by the NY Times. It’s difficult to imagine that the SDNY has cleared Michael Cohen to publicly testify about these matters next week, unless it plans to file something somewhere to support it. Are we looking at more SDNY indictments between now and Wednesday? Something has to give here, and soon.