Donald Trump caught making up bizarre fake story about Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump has a new strategy to combat his impending impeachment: When the facts don’t fit, change them. Only his brain-dead supporters believe him, but he’s a liar and that’s what liars do. CNN’s fact-checking shows once again that Trump and his supporters live in an alternate reality.

Trump continues to claim that the whistleblower’s account is “highly inaccurate.” Forget that others have come forward to support the allegations; facts don’t matter when it comes to Trump. He further claims that after he released his summary of his call with Ukraine president Zelensky, Nancy Pelosi said the summary failed to jibe with the whistleblower’s account of the call. Pelosi said no such thing.

Trump even went so far as to claim Pelosi “became angry” when she read the transcript because it contained something other than what she was told. CNN points out that at no time did Pelosi say that the transcript contained anything different from what she thought, and in fact, her spokesman Drew Hammill told CNN that Trump’s claims are “complete fiction.” Well, that’s no surprise, is it? Most of what Trump says is fiction.

Trump also claims that Adam Schiff purposely exaggerated the call “even though a transcript was available to him.” A few days later, Trump claimed that Schiff’s comments were made because he thought Trump would never release the transcript to reveal the truth, something Donald Trump knows absolutely nothing about. In his feeble mind, he “outwitted Schiff” by releasing the transcript after Schiff’s comments. Trump is lying. Schiff’s comments were made at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on September 26. The transcript was released on September 25. The only person Trump has outwitted is himself. Of course, it’s hard to outwit anyone when you have nothing to work with. Pardon the cliché, but Trump is dumb as a box of rocks. He couldn’t outwit a pole.

Finally, CNN details how Trump denigrated Marie Yovanovitch and removed her from her position based on untrue claims made prominently by Rudy Giuliani. He now claims that President Zelensky wanted her removed and that Zelensky told him “out of the blue” that he “didn’t like Yovanovitch.” The whitewashed transcript clearly shows that Trump, not Zelensky, brought up Yovanovitch. Zelensky merely agreed with Trump, but he did not bring her up in a negative light or at all for that matter.

Trump continues to lie. He claims that the Kurds are purposely releasing ISIS prisoners according to CNN. He is merely trying to cover for yet another bad decision to pull out the U.S. troops. In Trump’s alternate reality, the Kurds are doing this “to get us involved.” CNN further discusses how in 2013 and 2014 he wanted to release his income tax returns to “show how little he pays,” which, according to Trump, would show the world what a smart businessman he is. It seems that he figured out that this only reinforces the belief that he’s a crook. Given the type of money Trump has made over the years, his failure to pay taxes is criminal. Apparently, he at least figured that out and instead claimed they were under audit and couldn’t be released. Welcome to Trump’s alternate reality.

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