Donald Trump is falling to pieces

Perhaps we are beginning to see why “president” Donald Trump hates President Barack Obama so much, besides the fact that he’s an intelligent, much-loved brown man. Politico put together a piece that can help make sense of Trump’s obvious jealousy, beyond the fact that Obama is a better man and statesman. One of the first things Trump did after stealing the presidency was to begin dismantling everything President Obama ever did. Mind you, he never said any of it was “flawed,” “wrong,” or resulted in some sort of overwhelming detriment to the U.S. He couldn’t. It appeared that he was merely trying to undo the very presence of the man he so despised, the origins of which everyone also fails to understand. Trump’s activities typically made him look like a fool.

Politico’s piece focuses on the fact that Trump “ripped apart” President Obama’s Iran playbook and is now haphazardly trying to put it back together. The thing about a guy like Trump is he’s now trying to make it look like his idea. In a mere 24-hour period, Trump went from bullying and threatening to destroy Iran and its cultural history, to wanting to put economic sanctions in place against Iraq, to wanting to create a new nuclear deal (like the one he tore up), to urging NATO to become more involved in the Middle East. If all of this sounds familiar, then you’ve been paying attention. These are the steps that President Obama took to help with ensuring peace in the Middle East. As Politico points out, this is classic (schizophrenic) Trump. He has tried this ploy with both China and North Korea, and we know how it worked there (or didn’t work, as the case may be). He ended up kissing Kim Jong Un’s butt and groveling before Xi Jinping. Don’t hold out any hope that it’s going to work here either.

Wendy Sherman, former under Secretary of State for political affairs under Barack Obama describes Trump’s flip-flopping best: “The president is both the arsonist and the fireman. He set the world on flames when he left the JCPOA [the Iran nuclear deal] and then he decided to kill Qassem Soleimani.” As Sherman states, Trump now wants to claim victory, blaming President Obama in the process.” Instead of real estate, Trump should have gone into “medicine,” He would be an excellent snake oil salesman. Like the people who thought snake oil would cure their ills, Trump’s supporters believe every lie he tells and spreads it as gospel. For those with their own minds, eyes, and ears; however, he is as transparent as a piece of glass. But I digress.

Politico reports that Republicans and Trump advisors “expressed relief publicly and privately” that Trump appeared to be changing his tune. They more than anyone should know better. He will simply change direction again as circumstances allow. Democrats, on the other hand, know better. Unlike Republicans, they acknowledge Trump’s wildly erratic policies and seem to live in fear of what he will do next. As Martin Heinrich (D-NM) said, “I think overall there just has been no strategy, no proportionality, no predictability in the administration’s response from one event to the next.” And that, my friends, pretty much sums up the Trump “presidency.”

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