Donald Trump is falling to pieces in real time

Poor “president” Donald Trump. He couldn’t enjoy his Christmas holidays because of the dark cloud of impeachment hanging over his empty head. Karma is a you-know-what. He has made our lives miserable for three years, so it’s only fair that his holidays were ruined. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. Pouring salt into his wounds, the number of voters who want to see Trump impeached and removed has reached an all-time high. Happy New Year, Trump.

The most recent MSN poll shows that 55% of those polled are in favor “president” Trump’s removal from office. 55% is huge. Even as Trump and his buddies call impeachment a partisan effort and claim his innocence, this number has gone up in one week from 48% to 55%. It is clear that many in the real world would love to see him gone.

The same poll shows that the number of people opposed to Trump’s removal has also dropped to an all-time low of 40% as of Christmas Day. The Independent points out that just last week, these two numbers were almost equal: 48% in favor of removal and 47% against. Further, the numbers who neither supported nor opposed impeachment grew. The outlet spoke with David Rothschild, an economist at Microsoft Research, to get his take on these numbers. Rothschild believes that the numbers of people shifting from opposition to “I don’t know” is significant, as people don’t typically jump from opposing something to supporting it; however, they have jumped to “I don’t know” because they are finally waking up to the fact that something isn’t right with Trump and his dealings with Ukraine. Rothschild further stated that: “This polling is a clear sign that [the] Republican policy of complete obstruction is not selling well to [the] voting public.” No surprise there.

Meanwhile, Trump spent the bulk of his holiday insulting Nancy Pelosi for holding onto the articles of impeachment instead of sending them to the Senate, where he knows he will be acquitted without any semblance of a real trial. CNN likens his behavior to “a 4-year-old who didn’t get the toy he wanted.” They hit the proverbial nail on the head. Trump must have been a typically spoiled little rich boy, used to getting his way. Now, he’s playing with the “big kids,” and they are completely out of his league. As Michael D’Antonio states for CNN, “A more reasonable commander-in-chief, one worthy of the title, would absorb the lesson in the humiliation of impeachment” and would “seek stability, if not redemption.” Indeed, Richard Nixon understood the gravity of his actions and had the decency to resign before he did even more harm to the country he claimed to love.

Trump is pathetic. He doesn’t even have Nixon’s decency to resign, let alone admit to his wrongdoing. Instead, he’s piling more crimes on top of the ones he has already committed, and has no qualms about hurting any and everyone in the process, including Tweeting out the supposed name of the whistleblower. As D’Antonio says, “Trump blames the guy who turned him in, instead of examining his own behavior.” He continues to collect victims, including every citizen of the United States, without a care.

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