As Trump had the Purple Heart recipient, Lt. Col. Alex Vindman, and his brother perp-walked out of the White House, it was reminiscent of Germany 1934. The Night of the Long Knives was Hitler’s purge of Ernst Röhm and his brownshirts, the SA. Afterward, Hitler and his bodyguard battalion, the Schutzstaffel, better known at the SS, took over and reigned supreme. But only till 1945. Even the Thousand Year Reich had an early expiration date.

Trump doesn’t even have nine months. But don’t tell him that. Because it’s vitally important that Senator Collins come to regret her defense of her vote to protect criminal Trump, and it’s necessary that these Republicans drown with their Dear Leader all the way to the bottom of their own individual political demise. Even better, that they now all become so full of themselves, that they land in their own cell at the supermax prison, ADX Florence.

We know it’s hard to stomach watching all this self-justified treason, hearing our Republican representatives demure to a hostile dictator like Putin, to see every one of them defend the indefensible. But now is not the time to get discouraged. We have an ace in the hole. It’s the sheer stupidity of Trump and his kind that will tumble them all down the chute to prison.

The idiotic, frat house fidelity to their agenda is not only insane, it is suicidal. If Collins had just had the guts Romney displayed, she’d have had a chance at getting reelected. But these people are so glued to their Trump-or-Die kamikaze, they seem like cartoon villains flaunting their evil until the hero comes and drops an anvil on their heads. If they think they can perform this in-your-face corruption and not have the FBI looking at them (and we strongly suspect the FBI has been looking at most of them for years now), they are clearly imbeciles. It’s obvious these guys are owned. And not by you or me.

Indictments take time and timing. Trump is now convinced he can do anything and get away with it. Let him try. He’s got less than eight months to find out. He can purge our White House of its patriots, and he can even complain about it on the Night of the Long Tweets. But this won’t keep him from rotting in prison as a traitor.

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