The Mueller report fallout continues to get uglier for Donald Trump

The fallout from the Mueller report continues, and none of it helps “President” Donald Trump with his claims of “no collusion, no obstruction.” It is quite clear that there were elements of both things happening throughout the Trump campaign and into his “presidency.” We also now know why Barr applied to be “attorney general,” why the Republicans eagerly pushed him through, and why Democrats tried in vain to stop it. We are now stuck with an attorney general who does not represent the interests of American citizens, and in very short order, he has permanently tarnished the DOJ.

While the Mueller report stopped short at unequivocally accusing Donald Trump of a crime, it has done a great job of bringing out the best in many writers. Tom Nichols of USA Today wrote an extremely moving article that makes the reader think. Mr. Nichols is a national security professor at the Naval War College, indicating that he knows something about the subject of national security. Please take the time to fully read his piece, as quoting bits and pieces here will not do it justice.

While there are many great takeaways, these statements are some of the most powerful: “As a candidate and as a citizen, Trump had a responsibility to put a stop to this unethical and dangerous behavior in his organization. He had an obligation to report it to the FBI, and to work with the government to thwart the Russian efforts. Instead, he knowingly allowed his campaign and some of the people closest to him to continue their contacts with the Russians, and then he spent months lying, encouraging others to cover for him, and gaslighting an entire nation with talks of witch hunts and hoaxes.”

Mr. Nichols’ take on this situation is completely on point. “President” Trump is little more than a criminal, and he does, in fact, believe himself above the law. It didn’t help that he had his hit man William Barr in place to continue this farce. What both Trump and Barr have done is absolutely criminal, against the citizens of this country who expect our commander in chief to be above board and to make laws that protect us. Instead, we have a Commander-in-Chief who will do anything to protect himself, at any and everyone else’s expense.

Trump’s attitude can be no more clearly on display than his recent response to reporters. When asked about the Mueller report’s portrayal of people who ignore his orders, Trump replied, “Nobody disobeys my orders.” Really, Trump? At least ten people disobeyed his orders to commit obstruction of justice. Yet, he stands with a straight face and says that no one disobeys him. These people have helped Trump, but does he thank them? Of course not. It’s all about him.

Many former presidents will agree that it takes a bit of narcissism to run for high office, but it is doubtful that any of them rose to the level of Donald Trump when it comes to narcissism. He can see no wrong in his actions and believes himself untouchable. This is where he’s wrong, and it will be his downfall.

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