The real reason the FBI is targeting Republican Senator Richard Burr

In the year-plus since corrupt criminal Bill Barr was named Attorney General, it’s been difficult at times to parse just how much or little of the Department of Justice is still intact. Barr has actively tried to meddle in the cases that Donald Trump has a personal interest in, but Barr has had more misses than hits in that regard.

Bill Barr tried and failed to bring a phony case against Trump’s nemesis Andrew McCabe. Bill Barr tried and failed to get Trump’s pal Roger Stone’s sentence reduced. Bill Barr also failed to stop the arrest of Rudy Giuliani’s associates Lev and Igor, though it’s not clear if Barr has managed to stop the arrest of Rudy himself or if the SDNY probe into Rudy simply hasn’t peaked yet.

This brings us to today’s big news from CNN that the FBI is investigating Republican Senator Richard Burr, who allegedly dumped his personal stock holdings based on inside information that he received in a congressional briefing. Notably, only Burr is being investigated, and not the other Senators who also sold stocks.

So is the FBI starting with Richard Burr because he’s the one who’s on tape privately admitting that he knew the economy was going to be hard hit? Or is Burr being singled out? It’s worth keeping in mind that while Richard Burr is a Republican, he’s on Trump’s hit list. Burr is the one who forced Donald Trump Jr to come in and testify about the Trump-Russia scandal. And Trump’s ally Matt Gaetz keeps publicly demanding that Burr resign.

We’ll have to watch this. It’s entirely possible that this is a legitimate FBI investigation into Richard Burr, and that Attorney General Bill Barr is merely unwilling or unable to stop it. It’s also possible that Trump is having Bill Barr target Richard Burr specifically. Keep in mind that if Burr is forced to resign, Mitch McConnell can replace him with a new Senate Intelligence Committee Chair who’s more friendly to Trump.

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