For the last time, Bernie Sanders go home!

What’s wrong with this man? No, not Donald Trump, but Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden is leading him by 300 delegates, the primary race has been over for awhile, and we’re in the midst of a country-wide crisis, yet he’s talking about holding another debate. What in the world does he hope another debate will accomplish? I (sort of) understand Sanders’ zeal to stay in the race, but we are facing an uncertain, frightening future. We need to coalesce around the candidate who is going to go against and defeat Trump. We don’t need uncertainty in that arena.

Biden not only leads in delegates, but he has been leading in the polls by large margins since March 12 according to RealClearPolitics. Emerson’s latest poll (March 20) shows Biden leading Sanders 54% to 42%. Morning Consult’s poll (March 24) showed Biden over Sanders 60% to 36%. Finally, two polls released on March 25 revealed Biden over Sanders 57% to 39% (Economist/YouGov) and Biden at 53% with Sanders at 34% (Reuters/Ipsos). Biden now has a commanding lead in the delegate count with 1,215 delegates to 909 for Sanders. We can all do the math: Biden is running away with this thing.

When asked about another debate, Joe Biden said, “I think we’ve had enough debates.” There are far more pressing things going on in our country right now, and any way you look at it, Sanders has no chance at getting the Democratic nomination. Biden was further asked about whether he would appear if the DNC proceeds with organizing a debate, Biden responded: “My focus is just dealing with this crisis right now.” As it should be. Why Sanders isn’t focused on the same thing instead of a debate that will be a complete waste of time is anyone’s guess. Bernie, we’re sticking a fork in you because you’re done.

In his live online “happy hour” on Wednesday night, Biden pointed out that we must focus on getting Trump out of office. As Biden said, four more years of Trump means no more NATO and complete isolation for America. That’s not who we are. We are a world leader. Biden also took live questions. Two of the participants wanted to know how Biden plans to make it possible for everyone to get an education. His response was priceless. “We talk about these kids as if they’re other people’s kids. They’re all our kids.” He went on to discuss how important it is that our children get an education and that we continue to generate and support those who teach, like the young man to whom he was speaking. As he said on The View on Tuesday, Biden is for free community college and free in-state public universities. These issues should speak to Sanders supporters.

It’s okay to like Bernie Sanders and continue to support him; however, young people need to take a few minutes and participate in some of Biden’s happy hours to hear what he’s doing. These are all issues that impact their lives, from climate change to free college. Get on board and let’s get Trump out of our White House.

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