Forces are aligning against Donald Trump

“President” Donald Trump continues to spew his racist vitriol in response to Coronavirus. Just admit that you’re clueless, Trump, and step out of the way to let people with sense handle this. Trump’s notes for his latest coronavirus press conference revealed just how deeply Trump’s racism goes. Whoever prepared his notes listed it as “corona virus,” but the word “corona” was stricken through and replaced with the word “Chinese” in Trump’s handwriting. It is obvious that Trump is doing this on purpose, but why? He’s trying to keep our country divided, but it’s not going to work. Many decent people are standing up.

Let’s start with Don Lemon of CNN, who put this in proper perspective following the Tuesday primaries. His speech was compelling, and he backed it up with videos of Trump changing his story time and again. You can view the video here if you haven’t already seen it. He calls what Trump does what it is: Gaslighting. It is shameful that the thing in the Oval Office behaves this way, but it’s even more shameful to hear the miscreants behind him booing and egging him on. Let them enjoy their moment while they can. It’s going to come to an end. The more Trump sows his divisive seeds, the more support is coalescing around Joe Biden, a man who, from what we can tell, is a decent man. The latest group to endorse Biden is, as Washington Post describes, a group of eighty national security professionals.

This endorsement “breaks tradition,” as these are people who normally stay out of elections. The people comprising the signatories to an open letter include career diplomats, intelligence officers, and defense policymakers who have served in both Republican and Democratic administrations. While they admit that they have been on opposite sides “sometimes bitterly,” they all believe that Trump has and continues to undermine America’s role in the world. Most, if not all, have never publicly endorsed a candidate, revealing just how deeply their feelings run about the damage “president” Trump is doing to our nation.

Doug Wise, former CIA clandestine officer, shared that he has never voted in a presidential election because he was “content to trust in the American democratic system.” He now believes that the system has failed, and that Trump must go for the good of the country. He will vote for the first time in November, and he will vote for Joe Biden. The same goes for Larry Pfeiffer, former senior director of the White House Situation Room; Margaret Henoch, former CIA under President Ronald Reagan; Paul Rosenzweig, former senior policy adviser at the Department of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush and senior counsel to Kenneth Starr in the Clinton administration; and James Clapper, Jr., former director of national intelligence and retired Air Force under five Democratic and five Republican administrations.

This is a very strong, unusual acknowledgement of the damage being inflicted by our alleged “commander in chief.” Trump will call them “traitors,” but they are nothing of the sort. They are life-long public servants who have dedicated their lives to our country. Trump is the traitor, and they, like many of us, want him gone.

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