Former GOP strategist rips Donald Trump to pieces

The awfulness of Donald Trump’s presidency is almost mind-bogglingly complex. In his first three years of attempting to run the country, hardly a day went by when we learned of some new thing that he was totally ignorant of – usually something that we’d take for granted under past presidents, even ones we didn’t like all that much. In matters of diplomacy or the economy, it wasn’t always too consequential, but this pattern of ignorance, and more importantly, his refusal to listen to anyone who knows what they’re talking about, because Trump is unable to admit that he doesn’t know, are the problems that led us where we are today.

On an MSNBC panel on Saturday, former Republican Party strategist Steve Schmidt put this into perspective, calling Donald Trump the worst commander-in-chief in American history due to his administration’s disastrous response to the pandemic: We’ve never seen a dereliction of duty, we’ve never seen a level of unfitness for command, we have never seen a president more visibly failing hour by hour to meet the moment, to meet the test of history than we’re seeing with Donald John Trump.”

This is the epitome of everything wrong with Trump’s presidency – that he’s been trying to handle a problem that he’s privately admitted is going to be a catastrophe with the only tactics he knows – treating his dangerous press briefings as a campaign rally where he can openly attack the press and the medical experts that he needs the most. Even if America manages to avoid the worst-case scenario, Donald Trump will inevitably be remembered for how he mishandled it.

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