Even this Fox News pundit is calling for Donald Trump to be impeached

While the majority of Fox News pundits are about the only ones still coming to Donald Trump’s defense, legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has made it clear that he’s had enough. He already lashed out against Trump’s administration in the wake of the Mueller report on his show, saying that a sitting president can be indicted for crimes while in office, or else they’d be above the law. Now he’s taking things a step further, writing a column for Fox News’ website on why Trump deserves to be impeached.

Napolitano not only takes aim at Trump, but also his protectors on the right who have attacked the whistleblower’s credibility. He reminds a right-leaning audience that Trump has confessed to conspiring with foreign governments when he released a summary of the call and that he admits in the call to holding up aid to Ukraine to extort the country’s leader into investigating Joe Biden, even though Congress and his own administration had called on the funds to be released.

Both of these aspects of the story have largely been brushed under the rug in the version of the story given by Fox News pundits, with the increasingly shallow spin that Democrats want to impeach Donald Trump over gossip and saying that Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine really do warrant further investigation, despite prosecutors clearing him of any wrongdoing.

Perhaps most important about Napolitano’s article is that while he states Trump has committed an impeachable offense, he focuses on the crime as a violation of campaign finance law, which will likely be easier for Republicans to vote for in any articles of impeachment that go before the Senate, while voting against other ones. This way they can tell former Trumpers that they stuck with him as long as they could and still claim to believe in the rule of law when they’re facing re-election.

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