Donald Trump has completely berserk meltdown after Fox News makes fun of him

Here’s the thing about Fox News. The network exists for corrupt and dishonest reasons. The corrupt and dishonest goal isn’t simply to prop up Donald Trump. the corrupt and dishonest goal is to keep ratings high and bring in a large profit. With Trump’s popularity collapsing, and even a decent number of conservatives turning against him, Fox is incrementally turning against Trump as well.

After all, Fox News has to find a way to retain relative credibility with its audience while Trump’s downfall plays out. The thing is, Trump is taking it personally. He seems to think that Fox was propping him up all that time because it loved him, when everyone else understands that it was really more of a business transaction and marriage of convenience. Trump is outraged that Fox actually allowed a commentator to make fun of his idiocy:



It’s worth noting that Donald Trump is still trying to re-litigate his disastrously failed church photo op stunt, which brought him condemnation from military leaders and church leaders alike. This guy couldn’t have any less of a clue about what he should be focusing on right now. Last night he went on a lengthy rant about lobster. Now he’s screaming at Fox News. And he wonders why he’s fallen behind Joe Biden by double digits.

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