Fox News poll says Donald Trump is now losing multiple red states to Joe Biden

Earlier today Donald Trump went nuts on Twitter because Fox News allowed an on-air commentator to make fun of his idiocy. Now Fox is doing something far worse to Trump: it’s telling the truth about just how badly he’s currently losing the 2020 election.

It’s bad enough for Donald Trump that Fox News polling recently announced that he was twelve points behind Joe Biden. Now Fox is releasing updated state by state polls, and they’re even uglier for Trump. For instance, Fox says that Trump is now down an astounding nine points in the crucial swing state of Florida. But the news gets even worse for Trump in the red states.

Fox News has Trump two points behind Biden in Georgia, and Trump one point behind Biden in Texas. That’s not a typo; the Fox News poll currently has Biden winning Georgia and Texas. It’s by the slimmest of leads, and of course it’s within the margin of error. But when the Republican nominee for president is even slightly behind in states that are this deep red, it means Donald Trump is in a heap of trouble – as are the Republican Senators who are up for reelection in the fall.

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