Fox News raises possibility of Donald Trump dropping out

Palmer Report has pointed out a few times of late that if any other incumbent president were saddled with poll numbers as ugly as Donald Trump’s numbers, the party would be aggressively pushing him not to seek reelection. There’s nothing ordinary about the incestuously criminal relationship between Trump and the current GOP, of course. But now the whispers are surfacing about the possibility of Trump dropping out – and they’re coming from Fox News of all places.

Charles Gasparino is a correspondent for Fox News subsidiary Fox Business Channel. On Sunday, he tweeted this: “GOP operatives are for the first time raising the possibility that Donald Trump could drop out of the race if his poll numbers don’t rebound … the speculation indicates how tense GOP operatives are about Trump losing and the party losing the senate and having their entire agenda abolished in a leftist wave election.”

Not everyone on the Republican side is convinced. George Conway responded to Gasparino and said that there’s no way it’s going to happen. But it’s notable that GOP operatives are now talking about even the possibility of Trump dropping out of the race, or being nudged out by his own party.

It makes logical sense. If the GOP is saddled with Donald Trump in November, it’s likely to lose everything. Of course Trump is earmarked for prison the minute he’s no longer in office; if the Feds don’t get him, New York State will. But Trump is so far gone psychologically, it’s entirely possible that he’s deluded himself into believing he’ll magically not go to prison, which would open the door for him to simply decide he’s had enough and drop out.

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