Donald Trump tried to invite Putin to G7 summit AFTER he learned Russia was murdering U.S. soldiers

This afternoon Donald Trump abruptly canceled his planned weekend golf resort trip, suggesting that something big was going on behind the scenes. This evening the New York Times dropped the bombshell: Trump has known for months that Russia had been paying the Taliban to take out U.S. soldiers. This is a horrifying storyline. Here’s the thing, though. The timing makes it even uglier.

The NY Times article reveals that the Trump regime knew about the Russian plot for “months.” But less than a month ago, Donald Trump tried to invite Vladimir Putin and Russia to attend the G7 summit, only to get vetoed by other G7 members. This means Trump knew the Kremlin was paying Taliban terrorists to murder U.S. soldiers, and he still tried to invite the Kremlin to rejoin the G7. This is stunning, even for Trump.

Now come the inevitable questions about whether Donald Trump was trying to bring Vladimir Putin to the G7 summit so the two of them could discuss this scandal, and perhaps try to figure out how to keep it from coming to light. At some point Trump becomes an accessory after the fact in these murders of U.S. soldiers.

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