Donald Trump is gasping

While I have often seen people complaining about misleading headlines on any media site they see as “liberal,” they neglect to mention that Fox “News” also is good about misleading headlines. Take this most recent one for example: “Fox News Poll: Trump job approval ticks up, views on impeachment steady.” Many of Trump’s followers see a headline like that and run screaming victory; however, everything is not always as it seems.

Trump’s approval rating has improved slightly from 42% to 45%, which is still pathetic going into an election year, and 53% disapprove. Fox points out that when averaged, the numbers leave Trump exactly where he started the year: at a 43% approval rating. In other words, his approval rating is still in the toilet. No surprise there really. Now, as for the impeachment numbers, according to Fox they remain at 50% wanting him impeached and removed, 4% want him impeached but not removed, and 41% completely oppose impeachment. According to Fox, the number desiring impeachment in October was 49% while the “impeach but don’t remove” and “against impeachment” numbers are identical, so in that sense, the numbers haven’t changed.

The most interesting number, however, lies with independents, which Fox buried in its article. In late October, only 38% of independents favored impeachment, but in Fox’s latest poll, 45% want him impeached. That doesn’t seem very “steady.”
Other numbers in the Fox poll include several questions. 53% believe that “president” Trump abused the power of his office, 48% believe he obstructed Congress, and 45% believe Trump committed bribery. These strong numbers clearly agree that Trump is basically a criminal miscreant. As this poll continued, 47% believe Trump held up military aid to secure his fake investigation into the Bidens, and 60% of all Americans polled said that it is wrong to ask foreign leaders to investigate political rivals. Fox further reports that the “everybody does it” defense “falls flat,” with only one in five or 22% believing that “presidents typically ask leaders of foreign countries to investigate domestic political rivals.”

We have come to expect no better from the GOP. Hopefully, their un-American, un-patriotic behavior will be reflected at the ballot box, and we can be rid of them forever. I don’t know about you, but I would love nothing more than seeing Moscow Mitch happily retired to Kentucky. If they like him so much, they can keep him. Let him wreak havoc on just their state for a change instead of the entire nation.

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