The sheer genius of leaving Ivanka Trump off the House Judiciary Committee list

The list is out of the 81 Trump-related persons and entities the House Democrats want information from. Conspicuously missing is the name Ivanka Trump. Twitter’s been agog that she’s missing, but more is going on here than meets the eye.

First of all, everyone on this list has information that Robert Mueller has had for months, probably years. Whatever information the House Dems will collect will be mostly what they already know about or greatly suspect. Plus, this cast of 81 is the perfect circular firing squad. If one witness tells the truth and produces the correct info, and another witness lies or alters that information to portray innocence, they’re caught. Many of these on the witness list have been rumored to have flipped already. So there’s that.

But what about Ivanka? She’s definitely got her well-manicured fingers all over the Trump criminal enterprise, so why isn’t she named? Because that would be waving a red flag at a bull. Trump may find his son-in-law dispensable, even his own sons, but Ivanka is off-limits. Also, Trump only goes by the most cursory information. If Ivanka isn’t on this list, then when he hears about it, all he’ll be hearing is how Ivanka slid past the censors. Don and Eric can man-up and take the heat, but nobody better touch precious Ivanka.

Mueller knows this. The House Dems know this. Trump is crazy and has the nuclear codes. Let him live in his bubble for a while longer. Because Ivanka will be taken down, and in fact the House Dems say she’ll be added to the list soon. She’s all over this list without being named directly. Documents from The White House, The Trump Organization and The Trump Campaign will be all about her. And it won’t be good.

These people have acted with impunity their whole lives and approached being our public servants the exact same way. They do what they want and someone else will clean up their mess. What they don’t seem to realize is that the entire wrath of the American people is about to land on their heads – even Ivanka’s – and it will be fire and fury.

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