Germany piles on as Donald Trump falls to pieces

Donald Trump might not like actually doing the job that being president requires, even if he likes the power that the office entails, and the same is pretty much true when it comes to his relationship with the press. While he calls journalists the enemy of the people and complains about how horribly they treat him, he also can’t resist looking for his picture in the newspaper, or scanning for any mention he might get on cable news.

Even if he’s part of a joke on a late night talk show, Trump somehow manages to be on top of it. Being a narcissist, he can’t resist coverage he gets – good or bad. It’s why there’s a fake Time magazine cover at his golf resort. The latest cover of the German news magazine Der Spiegel, however, is one that he’s not likely to hang up at any of his resorts.

The magazine, which features some pretty good photojournalism detailing the protests across the country, shows Donald Trump holding a lit match in the Oval Office while the world outside erupts in flames. Beneath is a pretty unflattering caption that says: “A president lights his country on fire.” This is probably likely to provoke yet another meltdown from the Oval Office, and it comes at a time when relations between Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are not at their best.

Diplomatic relations with a number of countries have already been strained because Trump decided to double down on insane and racist rhetoric in the wake of what happened – and it’s likely to only get worse. If the magazine cover gives an indication of how our own allies see us, you can expect Trump to finish out the year without a whole lot of leverage when it comes to pretty much anything. For this reason alone, his administration needs to be voted out of office, before it can get any closer to burning the country down.

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