Get him out of there

Donald Trump has been bragging about the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. Trump, of course, claims that his “achievement was bigger than the killing of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden,” according to Times of Israel. Why must everything be a competition with President Obama? Whether he knows it or not, he is merely confirming that President Obama was more successful than he will ever be. It is not good form to brag about killing anyone, even the enemy. We never heard President Obama do that, did we?

As more information about this operation comes to light, it appears that Trump had very little to do with anything. What a shock. American military officials give Trump no credit for the capture. In fact, they said that this operation succeeded “despite” Trump and his Syrian pullout. This shouldn’t really surprise anyone, as Trump is the most inept, useless president the U.S. has ever had.

Instead of merely thanking and applauding military personnel, Trump had to embellish details. He repeatedly claimed that al-Baghdadi “died like a dog” and “spent his last moments in utter fear, in total panic and dread,” but the Guardian reported that there was no audio from the operation, only surveillance footage. Nonetheless, Trump claimed that al-Baghdadi was “whimpering, crying and screaming all the way.” Please. Trump knows nothing about these people. They are prepared to die at any time. Indeed, al-Baghdadi was wearing a suicide vest, indicating his preference of death over capture. No one in their right mind could possibly believe this man behaved in the way Trump describes.

Trump used these lies to pat himself on the back for something he did not do. The New York Times revealed that the operation had been planned for months and that Trump pulling troops from Syria disrupted those plans and, further, put our military in grave danger “with a risky night raid before their ability to control troops and spies and reconnaissance aircraft disappeared.” In other words, the Pentagon made the decision to quickly move, even at greater risk to the remaining troops, or the operation would have been totally lost. Trump has a lot of nerve claiming responsibility for this operation when he all but destroyed it. This is merely another lie in a never-ending list of lies.Notably, even though Trump deserted them and left them to die, the Kurds played a big part in the assassination. The man is simply reprehensible.

Comparing Trump’s staged photo to President Obama’s situation room photo from the killing of bin Laden, the differences between these two men (using the term loosely with Trump) could not be more telling. One displays human emotions, determination, and acceptance of his role as leader while the other is a mere shell of a man who is destroying the U.S. at every turn. He seeks out adoration but consistently does things to make that impossible. What else is new? The man is a bleeding stain on our democracy and is chiseling away at our standing in the world. The sooner impeachment can move forward, the sooner we can begin to wash his dirty stain from our country.

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