Get out the hook

That’s it. That’s enough. Get this guy off the stage. Impeach him. Invoke the 25th Amendment. Bribe him into resigning by promising him free Big Macs while he’s in prison. Lie to him and tell him that Putin wants him to jump in a lake.

Get out the hook. It’s time for Donald Trump to go. By his own admission, he invited the leaders of the Taliban – a terrorist organization – to hang out with him at Camp David during the week of the 9/11 anniversary. Trump is also admitting that in response to his invitation, the Taliban attacked the U.S. military and killed a U.S. soldier. Of course they did. They’re terrorists, and they sensed weakness when Trump invited them, and so they did what they’ve always done.

This should be enough, really. House Democrats were already planning to vote to formalize their impeachment probe this week, a sign that they’re close to winning their court battles to obtain the necessary testimony and evidence for their inevitable televised impeachment hearings. At this point Senate Republicans – if they had any sense at all – would sign on to the impeachment movement and shove Trump out the back door. Do they really want to limp into the election with this lunatic weighing them down? Is anyone going to vote for the Taliban party in 2020?

It’s almost as if Donald Trump is trying to set himself up for a “not guilty by reason of mental defect” defense when he’s eventually put on criminal trial. Late last night, after his Taliban confession, Trump tweeted a video of himself, his Alabama hurricane map, and a cat chasing a laser pointer. We’re not kidding. Trump is that far gone. Get out the hook.

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