Get your popcorn ready

May 12th. Everyone needs this date on their calendar. No, it’s not the end-of-social-distancing date; it’s when the Supreme Court will be taking up the case, live, on Trump’s taxes. Will we see a volcanic explosion? Doubtful, because you can guarantee Kavanaugh and Gorsuch will do everything in their power to block exposure for Trump. But word is, there are explosive revelations to come and with Trump’s poor ratings on his coronavirus briefings, we are sure of one thing: the SCOTUS case on Trump’s taxes will surely hurt him.

The other thing you might have missed during this Clorox-swilling, Lysol-injecting madness, is the fact that Erik “the Amway Prince”’s partner is going to prison. James Fenech of Blackwater ammo is in deep quicksand and he will be pulling Erik down with him. Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, is not untouchable in this scandal, so we will see how it plays out for her. Our guess is she’s got the taint. So another Trump devotee bites the dust. Meanwhile, Paul Manafort is still in prison with no pardon on his horizon, and former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, is getting home release. Life is ironic like that.

The other thing to watch for in the coming days of this Trump weariness is the fact that every personal injury lawyer this side of the pond is lining up to go after Trump, Hannity, et al, for the current death toll. All that amassing of hydroxychloroquine alone is reason to send these fools to prison. Now we have “Client Number Three,” Hannity, being held empirically responsible for an uptick in COVID 19 deaths, and Cohen is, no doubt, champing at the bit to let accusations fly. It’s a tort lawyer’s dream come true. And that Cohen will trash them all is a surety. No way is Cohen going back to prison now that he’s gotten a taste of it.

If Trump were smart, he’d be cutting a deal with the Feds in order to “retire” to Saudi Arabia with what’s left of his fortune and family. But game on. Trump is not smart, nor are his children. Get the popcorn.

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