Donald Trump gets caught in the act

Instead of doing the job he stole, alleviating the fears of American citizens, and getting much-needed supplies to states across this nation, “president” Donald Trump has been fighting with reporters, governors he doesn’t like, and falsely congratulating himself for a job not done. In other words, Trump is being Trump, and no pandemic is going to change him, much to our detriment.

When Trump blatantly said that Pence shouldn’t call governors who weren’t “appreciative” to him, he seemed to forget that those words would come back to haunt him. During his press conference, he bragged on how hard Pence is working, barely sleeping, he claimed. Then, he said that he told Pence “Don’t call the governor of Washington [Jay Inslee]. You’re wasting your time with him. Don’t call the woman in Michigan [Governor Gretchen Whitmer]. If they don’t treat you right, I don’t call.” His bias is blatantly obvious, and his glaring absence of empathy is fully displayed.

During Trump’s next press conference, Jeremy Diamond of CNN asked him about those very comments. As usual, the first thing out of his mouth is a lie: “I didn’t say that.” Then, he tries to explain it: “I want them to be appreciative of me, and then you cut it off because it’s fake news.” No, you’re a fake “president.” Diamond refused to back down. He told Trump he could read him his entire statement. It’s on video, dumbass. He then said how much he “loves” Michigan “because the auto industry is coming back.” Yes, and he can thank President Obama and future president Joe Biden. None of this is enough for Trump, as he lapses into name-calling, referring to Jay Inslee as a “failed presidential candidate” and “nasty person.” He wants them to “appreciate the incredible job we’re doing.” Only in his feeble mind are they doing “an incredible job.” Diamond continued to press, but the White House turned off his microphone. Typical. When they can’t contradict the truth, they shut it down.

Michael D’Antonio, who has authored and co-authored books on Trump, wrote the opinion piece for CNN about Trump’s failures, both in business and as the faux president. D’Antonio’s opening words are telling: “After a lifetime devoted to avoiding responsibility and accountability—for his lies, his deceptions, his hype, and his cruelty—President Donald Trump has met his match in the pandemic of 2020.” Like many of us, D’Antonio lays the blame for the out-of-control nature of the virus where it belongs: At Trump’s feet. He also pointed out something else that is very important: “This occurred even though a pandemic playbook had been left behind by the Obama administration.”

Well, that certainly explains why he didn’t follow it. He had likely already torn it up like he did the Iran deal. Anything even slightly involving Obama is to Trump as kryptonite is to Superman. He is a stupid, petty, ignorant little man, and we are all paying the price for his failures. It is hard to fathom that there are people out there who still defend him, but by the time the smoke clears on this pandemic, they will be eating a lot of crow. . . if they survive.

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