Donald Trump is going down in flames

Try as they might, “president” Trump’s allies and aides cannot get him to stop promoting his worst enemy, himself. He apparently can’t help himself. He sees himself as his best promoter, trying to outshine the medical experts on his team, using ridiculous claims about “cures.” He has moved from hydroxychloroquine to household disinfectants. The rest of us just shake our heads and wonder what ignorant, dangerous thing Trump will say next. He is, of course, now claiming he was being sarcastic when he mentioned disinfectants as a cure, but who can believe him when he turns right around and says sunlight will kill the virus? He is pathetic.

Even as Trump works to kill his chances at reelection, the RNC is throwing money at voter outreach, especially in the swing states. They hope to help other Republicans running in these districts as well, but they are not looking at the big picture, which is Trump’s nightmarish handling of the coronavirus. Trump needs older voters, and as he spirals more out of control with his ludicrous suggestions, the more he is losing them. Trump would be so much better off keeping his mouth closed and standing behind the health experts, allowing them to provide the information we all so desperately want and need. Politico warns that even Trump’s aides believe he is giving “too much Donald Trump.”

Trump’s campaign aides are scrambling in the wake of the coronavirus. Not only is Trump spending too much time on television spewing nonsense, but the virus is wrecking the economy — the one thing on which Trump hoped to hang his hat for reelection. Trump’s insistence on leading the coronavirus briefings has been devastating for him according to current polling. Politico reported that Trump’s aides have been somewhat successful in getting Trump to shorten his appearances, as his last briefing lasted 20 minutes instead of the hours in which he droned on about nothing, insulted opponents, and gave out advice that disinfectants and the sun can help with coronavirus.

The only place disinfectants belong is on your kitchen counter, not in your stomach or veins. Already, there have been reports of people injuring themselves by following this completely ridiculous advice. Trump’s own surgeon general tweeted following Trump’s “advice” with a warning to consult medical professionals prior to trying any remedies, and now, Lysol has issued warnings that their product is not for human consumption, as reported by NBC News.

Trump is not just some “loose cannon.” He has always been a danger to our country. His dangerousness now holds the potential of being deadly. It is shameful that Republicans want to support this inherent danger and keep it in the White House to the detriment of millions of Americans, but as Politico points out, many of them have hitched their wagon to Trump and have no choice but to maintain their status quo. In a way, that’s a good thing. Now they can all go down in flames.

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