Going off the rails on a crazy train

Now the so-called “leader of the free world” has attacked the head of Denmark. He’s also attacked American Jews, using the historically alarming word “disloyal” in the process. He also is seeking to deport people who were born in the country as American citizens, but whose immigrant parents happen to be brown. In real time, we’re also watching the dementia games, wondering which Lewy Body might be attacking which of Trump’s electrical circuits right now. It’s – pardon our French – a complete and utter cluster flock.

But let’s remember, Trump still has the most catastrophic polling numbers imaginable. Yes, Republicans will still vote for him, and let’s call them out for what they are: the ones truly disloyal and ignorant, and worse, willfully so. We don’t cast aspersions upon them that aren’t true because of their ethnicity or ancestry; no, we cast aspersions because Republicans, in a slurry of greedy, old-boy-ism and rank stupidity, will stand by their Dear Leader forever.

Be aware, when you point out the flaws of their crapola, they will sigh, “I hate talking politics because it divides us.” You know what divides us? A lack of political correctness – and when we speak of political correctness, we’re not talking fascism, we’re talking the simple human regard and courtesy for all people.

Don’t be fooled. Republicans need the gratuitous push back against political correctness of “da libs.” None of the principles Republicans claim they believe in are actually real. They don’t care about the unborn if they don’t care about how we treat children – first at the border, and now, those children who were actually born here. They don’t care about fiscal responsibility because they are fine with a multi-trillion dollar deficit. No, what they care about is lashing out with the sick thrill of going against “the other.”

We are “the other” folks, so accept it. They won’t talk politics because it “divides us.” Fine, then be divisive. Giggle when they talk about being conservative, snort when they talk about balanced budgets, laugh out loud when they talk how much they care about children. The neo-Nazi march was humiliated in Portland not by antifa, but by hordes of clowns, people in banana suits and tutus. Make ‘em laugh. They’ll like you better for it, and some may actually decide enough of this clown show is enough.

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