Donald Trump crashes and burns

As the American death toll from the coronavirus crisis prepares to tragically cross the 100,000 mark, the guy whose negligence and lies created the crisis is out golfing. That’s right, Donald Trump is playing golf today, a move that perfectly symbolizes his preposterously failed presidency.

Does Trump honestly believe that by going golfing today, he’s going to convince Americans that the pandemic is somehow magically behind us? Does he not realize that the majority of Americans are going to see this as negligent, callous, and tone-deaf on his part?

Or does Trump just not care? His poll numbers are so deep into the gutter, even his delusional mind appears to be figuring out that there’s little he can do to win reelection, and it’ll likely only happen if he gets lucky from a fluke that has nothing to do with him.

So maybe he’s given up all pretense. Or maybe he’s just too far gone to even understand that the pandemic is still going on. But really, Donald Trump should ask his doctor if it’s safe to operate a golf cart while he’s pretending to be taking hydroxychloroquine.

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