Donald Trump and his goons go off the rails

Trump is a racist. Trump is a racist. Trump is a racist. Anyone who defends him as not being racist because he has a token black sucking up to him, or the occasional Jew doing his accounting, is a racist.
Here we go back again on this merry-go-round of mirrors. We’ve got the anniversary of Charlottesville, and the Trump-defenders and bots are crawling out from their rocks to scream, “F— your feelings!” They also like to talk about facts. Their facts. Not alternative facts. But their facts.

The question for most who first get a view into the Holocaust is, how could these people be so cruel? Well, let me tell you the “facts” as the Germans saw it. Zyklon B was developed as a pesticide; it worked on lice and reduced the spread of typhus. Fact: Zyklon B did a lot of good when it was first developed. The German government was ghettoizing the Jews, and because of the poor conditions of their living space, the final solution to the Jewish question evolved from ‘we must rid ourselves of these people’ (deportation) to ‘we must kill these sub-humans before they give us all typhus and cholera.’ The fact here became ‘saving us’ versus ‘saving them.’ Never mind that the Germans themselves created the conditions to spread all this disease by ghettoizing these people.

The Holocaust didn’t begin with gas; it began with bullets. But shooting all those people was bloody, upsetting and unthorough. Gas was the answer because in the minds of the perpetrators, the “facts” supported that it was the most efficient way to kill someone whom they had decided must be killed.

Facts are facts. But without a moral framework they are easily turned into garbage. The next time a Trumpster tries to tell you the “facts,” just point out to him that it’s a fact the earth would be better off environmentally without humans on it. Take the earth’s point of view and see what rabbit hole you fall into. The best way to speak with these MAGAs is with a staunch moral framework and at the voting booth. Vote them and their racist “facts” out of office before more people die.

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