The GOP is walking into a Donald Trump 2020 trap

We’ve been told all about the “unstoppable apparatus” and “machine” that is supposed to be the 2020 Trump reelection campaign with the unquestionable intent from both sides of the aisle of scaring us. It can be hard to make heads or tails of this situation, so let’s take some time to analyze the most basic elements involved here.

Democrats, more than anything, do not want Trump to be reelected. By sounding the alarm now, the party is acting with the motive of self-preservation by scaring people into thinking that Trump is out to steamroll the election. And yes, as an unabashed demagogue, he’s a powerful campaigner. They also know that the fear of another Trump presidency is enough to get people to the voting booth.

Republicans, more than anything, seem to be out to undermine democracy again with a reelection campaign chimera in the form of a unified national party committee and presidential reelection committee. This has a chilling effect on any republican presidential hopefuls who aren’t named Trump, by signaling early on that other candidates are unwelcome. It also might scare some non-Republicans into thinking it’s pointless to vote, because a second Trump victory is inevitable. Trumpism does have a stranglehold on the Republican Party and, when considering this alone, one could understandably assume that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Evidently, the Republicans heard the phrase “putting all your eggs in one basket” and collectively thought, “That’s genius.” Trump is a strong campaigner; it’s in his nature as a C-list televangelist for authoritarianism. He’s good at it and he likes it. It’s one reason why he’s never really stopped campaigning. Why try to construct a team of political and military strategists to address the quagmire in Syria when you can go to Tampa to give a litany of howling MAGA baboons the time of their lives?

By contrast, Trump is a spectacular imbecile when it comes to being a government official. I don’t need to get into the reasons “why,” because we’re all well-apprised in this matter. These reasons are exactly why we need to step back, take a calm breath, and realize that the unstoppable apparatus of criminal behavior by Trump administration will be the timely undoing that makes the 2020 campaign come to a bone-rattling halt. It won’t matter how impressive a campaign it is.

Donald Trump will either be out of the White House by the time the 2020 election rolls around, or he’ll be in such bad political shape from a highly toxic, scandal-ridden fourth year in office that he’ll be an even more unappealing candidate than he is today. If the political efficacy we saw in the midterms is similar in 2020, Trump’s toast. To ensure that, you need to vote, and you need to make sure that everyone you know who’s eligible goes out and casts a vote too. When the people vote in big numbers, the Democrats win. It’s that simple.

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