Donald Trump is taking the GOP down with him

CNN’s latest polling shows that Democrats currently hold a narrow margin when it comes to taking back the Senate, but Republicans are oblivious to this. As hard as it might be to believe, many Republican candidates are betting on Trump to keep their seats. No, this is not a joke.

CNN took a close look at some Republican senators whose seats are in jeopardy, beginning with Joni Ernst of Iowa. Ernst, apparently trying to fool herself, said that “president” Donald Trump has handled the coronavirus crisis “quite well.” She also believes that “he took some really great initial steps.” Was that after he tried to keep the virus hidden and allowed it to get out of control or when he called it a hoax? Yeah, great first steps.

North Carolina’s Thom Tillis, also in jeopardy, said that initial concern over a shortage of ventilators was unfounded because “testing is fast becoming an issue that we’re getting ahead of.” Considering we daily hear about the lack of testing this is simply a lie. Perhaps Tillis is a soothsayer who sees the future, adding that the economy “is showing signs of improvement.” What economy is he seeing?

Cory Gardner of Colorado has at least been evasive. When asked about Trump giving medical advice, Gardner responded: “I’m going to continue to work with the governor of Colorado and make sure Coloradans have what they need.” Gardner’s response is a clear cop out that he believes will save him. Good luck with that. Most people lump Republicans together. Pretending to care now is not going to change even one opinion. Regardless, we can all agree on one thing: The November election will be a referendum on Trump’s (mis)handling of this crisis. Democrats believe Trump’s absolute incompetence will secure not only the White House but the Senate while Republicans claim he has done a great job. Surely, they do not they really believe their own hype.

Unlike years past when candidates distanced themselves from an unpopular president, this year will be different. Republicans know Trump is a terrible president, yet he is all they have. If they go against him and he miraculously wins reelection, they fear his evil vindictiveness. Instead, they have sold their collective soul to the devil in attempting to prop Trump up and keep what they hold dear.

For Republicans, this is all about saving face. They have been wrong for far too long to turn back, and they are sticking with the script. While Susan Collins attempted to “criticize” Trump by saying his handling of the crisis was “very uneven” and that he “creates problems,” she is wasting her breath. People have not forgotten her Kavanagh vote nor will any of us forget how Republicans overall consistently stand up for whatever will line their pockets and not the good of the American people, especially Donald Trump. They can lie to themselves, but as Chuck Schumer said to CNN: “When you don’t believe in the truth, you can’t solve the problem. And the President avoids truth in every way.” As do they all.

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