GOP goes completely off the rails

This past week, the House voted for impeachment procedures going forward. Naturally, the vote was almost entirely along party lines, with nearly every Democrat voting for, and every Republican voting against. In essence, the Republican opposition to this vote was entirely symbolic. The vote wasn’t whether to hold impeachment proceedings, merely what procedures will be used to go about the impeachment proceedings. Voting against it was pointless — indeed, the procedures passed are pretty friendly to Republicans and encourage bipartisan inquiry—but it does say a lot about the party that they voted this way, and it serves as a reminder why we should all be disgusted with them.

Trump is plainly guilty. Don’t take my word for it; ask the big orange man himself. He’s admitted on camera to a number of the crimes he’s committed. This whole situation is odd, considering we learned about the crime before we learned about the evidence to the crime, but this does go to show that there isn’t any doubt as to the existence of the crimes. Republicans haven’t even been defending Trump on the substance of the crimes because, naturally, that’s impossible. They’ve resorted to attacking the Democrats’ process in the inquiry, and in the case of Representative Matt Gaetz’s galaxy brain idea to storm closed-door proceedings, almost literally attacking the Democrats’ process.

In doing all this, the Republicans make their allegiances clear, and they’re not to the American people. They’re not to America, either. The nation’s best interest, her people included, would be to impeach and remove Trump. He’s the orange melanoma on Lady Liberty’s shoulder. But they won’t do it. Monied interests have bored into the bedrock of the Republican party so deep, that they’d do anything. And indeed they are. They’re letting their nation risk dissolution at the hands of a man who cares more about pleasing dictators than feeding the homeless and vulnerable in his own nation. This isn’t an ethical lapse by Republicans so much as it is a dereliction of humanity. They don’t care about us at all. This is why we should all be disgusted by them.

Until we get dark money out of politics, this situation will only get worse. I fear that Republicans are so bought, that this will never change as long as they have meaningful say in anything in the government.

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