GOP Senators throw up their hands as Donald Trump falls to pieces

Every Republican Senator not named “Mitt Romney” is directly responsible for the damage being done by Donald Trump right now, because they chose to acquit him during his impeachment trial when they knew he was guilty. But now that Trump is screwing up so badly that he’s dragging the entire party’s reelection prospects downward, suddenly these same GOP Senators are throwing up their hands.

CNN has assembled a remarkable list of surreal responses from Republican Senators who, having already married themselves to Donald Trump by acquitting him, are now trying to figure out how to incrementally distance themselves from his increasingly psychotic behavior. John Thune says Trump needs a “different tone.” Lindsey Graham says Trump needs more “message discipline.” John Cornyn says Trump “undermines himself.” You get the idea. But they are giving something away here.

They don’t care that Trump is burning down the country and getting so many Americans killed. They care that he’s doing it out in the open. They wish Trump would talk like they talk, offering empty platitudes and generic attempts at sounding reasonable, while sitting back and letting the country rot. Trump is increasingly flaunting the damage he’s doing, which keeps costing him in the polls – and Republican Senators wish he would simply stop flaunting it.

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