Donald Trump has psychotic meltdown during conference call with the governors

To give you an idea of how frantic and panicked Donald Trump is about growing civil unrest and the collapse of his presidency, he spent part of the weekend hiding in an underground bunker with the White House lights turned off, in what will forever be a fitting symbol of his cowardly failed tenure. Today Trump held a conference call with the governors, and revealed just how severe his psychotic breakdown is.

Trump called the governors “fools” today and told them that “most of you are weak,” according to multiple major news outlets. Leaked audio from the phone call reveals that Trump’s tone of voice was one of desperation and exasperation.

It’s clear that Trump is worried that the worsening civil tensions are going to finish off what little is left of his presidency, with his poll numbers continuing to get uglier as this mess goes on. Throw in the fact that he’s been hiding in the basement with the lights out and hoping everyone forgets he’s still the President, it’s clear that he’s fully rattled.

Moreover, this phone call reveals that Donald Trump has no idea how to turn things around for himself, and no expectation that any of it is going to go his way. If there was something he thought he could convince the governors to do differently, he’d have taken a very different approach today instead of merely whining at them. Trump is out of ideas, out of options, and in five months he’ll be out of time.

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