Mitch McConnell the Grim Reaper strikes again

Mitch McConnell loves his self-proclaimed nickname, “the grim reaper.” In fact, he loves it so much that his campaign has put together t-shirts with a tombstone to represent “socialism” and a quote on back showcasing his love of obstruction, according to CNN. This nickname stems from McConnell’s refusal to allow votes on bills introduced by the Democratic House, and he’s proud of it. When he refers to “socialism,” McConnell targets the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, both of which have been proposed by some Democrats. What McConnell apparently hasn’t considered is that the bills Democrats have passed represent the will of the people.

Many of the bills blocked by McConnell reflect the majority of social values in this country. The House passed a bill that would reinforce and support the Affordable Care Act by reducing prescription drug costs and ensuring that people with preexisting medical conditions can continue to find affordable coverage. In April, the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a poll on these issues and found that two-thirds of Americans support this legislation.

Another bill passed in Congress would provide legal status to “dreamers.” A Fox News poll conducted just this past Sunday shows that three-fourths of Americans support legal status for these young people, who were brought here illegally through no fault of their own. Why penalize them when they did nothing wrong?

An extremely important issue to Americans is gun control. The House passed legislation in February that would require universal background checks for all gun sales. Quinnipac University conducted a poll earlier this year that reveals an overwhelming 93% of Americans support this requirement. In addition to the overall 93% of support for this legislation, 89% of Republicans support it, as do 87% of gun owners. This bill is obviously desired by most of America, yet Mitch McConnell is sitting on it and will not allow it to go to vote. He’s proud to be an obstructionist, but he’s not considering how his obstruction is going to impact upcoming elections, with his seat being one that’s up for grabs.

The House has also passed the Violence Against Women Act, gender equity in pay legislation, and legislation to expand voting rights and impose new ethics guidelines in Washington. Democrats also want to pass a new minimum wage of $15 per hour, and by August, according to John Sarbanes, the party will pass several bills to safeguard the 2020 elections from foreign interference.

Every bill proposed by the House is a “win” for American citizens. Mitch McConnell doesn’t see this because his goal is and always has been to obstruct Democrats regardless of the impact of those bills on the American public. While “President” Trump tweets that the Democrats have “done nothing,” it is obvious that they have done plenty. McConnell, on the other hand, is so evil that he doesn’t see that he’s hurting his and his fellow Republicans’ chances in 2020, with 22 of those seats up for grabs. Keep it up, McConnell. It would be deliciously ironic for the grim reaper to bury himself.

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