Is Robert Mueller dropping the hammer tomorrow?

There’s a lot of chatter out there about the possibility of Special Counsel Robert Mueller releasing his report about Donald Trump tomorrow. While there’s still a lot to investigate and prosecute, the reasons why this may be the case are building.

First of all, there are indictments waiting for Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner. There can be no doubt of this because as Don Jr. would say in his illiterate and since-deleted Tweet, “purjury” ain’t purdy. And they have certainly committed perjury, for starters.

The reasons why Mueller could release at least a partial report tomorrow, is because Don and Jared’s crime wave has to be stopped. Jared has just recently met with Mohammad bin Salman in Saudi Arabia and refused to allow any monitoring by our own diplomatic corps. Because, of course.

It wouldn’t do to have people around if you’re selling state secrets. It’s obvious Kushner may be jeopardizing sources in our intelligence community. He may have caused a murder already. Perhaps even multiple ones. Mueller knows what the stakes are. He won’t take his time unsealing indictments if the safety of the United States is at risk.

Another reason to drop a report tomorrow is the fact that when Don Jr. receives his indictment, Mueller will certainly be fired, so he does have to have all his ducks in a row if that should occur. If it’s time to take Treason Tot down, then it’s time to issue the report while he still can.

I’ve predicted Mueller’s report will be a bombshell. If Mueller chooses to drag it out further, he, no doubt, has good reason. But if Trump Jr.’s indictment is ready to roll, then I suspect Mueller will get out as much as is prudent before the fit hits the shan. Either way, Don should either learn to spell, or become resigned to looking “purdy” in prison.