Donald Trump is handing this to Joe Biden

Though “President” Donald Trump has been warned about singling out Democratic candidates for ridicule, he just can’t help himself. Trump sees Joe Biden as his biggest threat, and his advisers have reportedly suggested that continuing to attack Biden is only going to engrain him in the minds of Democratic voters. Does that stop Trump? No, it merely makes him go at it harder. Keep it up, Trump. You’re making it easier and easier for Biden to get the Democratic nomination. Since he’s obviously afraid of Biden, Trump’s behavior makes no sense, but then, little of what Trump does makes sense.

Trump tried insulting Joe Biden by attacking the International Association of Fire Fighters, specifically insulting the group’s leadership. This group sat out the 2016 election but has already endorsed Joe Biden for 2020. After attacking the IAFF, Trump then claimed on Twitter that “the members love Trump.” Is this like when he claimed that 80% of FBI employees voted for him? That aside, it’s always smart to be wary of one who speaks of himself in the third person. It’s strange to say the least. Of all the fears Trump holds about running against Biden, losing Pennsylvania is his biggest.

Biden, aware of Trump’s fears, made Pennsylvania his first stop, which many saw as an aggressive move. He spoke at Teamsters hall (to a roaring crowd) and told them, “If I’m going to beat Donald Trump in 2020, it’s going to happen here.” Of course, Trump had to tout the economic condition of Pennsylvania, unsurprisingly giving himself credit for it. Trump still doesn’t understand how policies work for sitting presidents, and how the Obama-Biden administration primarily deserves credit for the economy. We’ll be seeing the results of Trump’s disastrous economic policies soon, and we’re seeing some of it in the form the largest deficit in history.

Regardless of what Donald Trump says, or perhaps because of what Trump is saying, Joe Biden is leading him in several polls, including The Hill’s poll that shows Biden besting Trump in Texas. In fact, Biden leads all other primary contenders by 11% according to a CNN poll, with 39% of Democratic-leaning voters choosing Biden to take on Trump, which is up from 28% in March. His closest competitor is Bernie Sanders at 15%.

CNN shares that these numbers stem from Democratic voters who chose based on whom they believe is most likely to beat Trump, and who might best be able to work with Republicans. The poll also reveals that a large percentage of voters have not yet solidified their choice, so those numbers could well change in the coming weeks and months – if Trump could keep his mouth shut, which we all know isn’t going to happen. You almost want to encourage him to keep it going, as the more Trump tries to belittle Joe Biden, the more he unifies the Democrats behind a single candidate. Hopefully, Trump will keep it up and turn the presidency over to a Democratic president in 2020 to clean up his mess.

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