Everything is happening at once now

We’ve now grown so used to lies, we don’t know when the criminal line has been crossed anymore. Kellyanne Conway has violated the Hatch Act at least three times and is being called upon to resign. Our Attorney General, Bill Barr, has the former head of the FBI claiming Trump has eaten Barr’s soul. Our Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, thinks it’s just fine to acknowledge Russia interfered in our election as a declaration of cyber warfare, while approving our President having a chummy hour and a half phone call with his Lord and Master, Vladimir Putin.

This is not America. This is a mob crime spree. But the squeeze is on. House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler has set a Monday morning deadline for Barr to produce the unredacted Mueller Report. According to NBC News, House Democrats are in talks directly with Mueller to testify, and now Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham has written Robert Mueller to ask if he wants to publicly testify. (Yes. Lindsey Graham. Be careful what you wish for!)

Senator Kamala Harris has asked the Inspector General’s office to open an investigation into whether Trump asked Bill Barr to investigate his enemies. May 6th is the deadline Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is facing to determine whether he must hand over Trump’s taxes. (Good luck, there, Steve. I hope you like prison loaf.) Nancy Pelosi is starting to call a crime a crime. Adam Schiff is tweeting about Guiliani’s rebuttal to the Mueller Report as being Bill Barr’s summary. Traitors are gonna trait.

The truth will out, folks. It’s hard to shut up the fearless, and very easy to silence the guilty with facts. The democratic system is working, even now, in this Constitutional crisis. So let Kim Jong Un, Putin and Trump all go rogue. Because we don’t need Kim Jong Un to send a missile over; the explosion is already underway in the White House.

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