Donald Trump has no idea what he’s doing

Much of the focus this week is on Donald Trump’s impeachment and the troubling lack of patriotism on behalf of the Republican senators when it comes to rightfully punishing Trump for conspiring with a foreign power to interfere in our elections yet again. Perhaps this is why he’s decided to consistently embarrass himself at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this week. It’s not just the press conference where he decided to ridicule House Democrats, or the part where he decided to pick a fight with a 17-year-old girl despite her much stronger command of the science behind climate change.

Instead, he decided to once again bring his Iran debacle back into the spotlight – something that if he were wise, he’d try to bury as thoroughly as possible leading up to the election. It turns out that when Iran retaliated by striking American missile bases, eleven U.S. servicemen were hospitalized for concussion-like symptoms, injuries sustained during the attacks.

This is in direct contradiction to Donald Trump’s claim that no soldiers were harmed. Pressed on why he didn’t bring this up sooner, aside from the obvious reason that it would put him in an even less favorable light for putting the lives of these troops in danger, Trump decided to argue that traumatic brain injuries aren’t all that bad. This is far from the first time that Trump has disparaged U.S. troops. In this case, he referred reporters to the Department of Defense when pressed for an answer.

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump implied that some soldiers were simply not tough enough to handle post-traumatic stress disorder, not to mention his infamous jabs at the Gold Star Khan family or John McCain. Each time it comes to the surface, it shows how truly incapable Trump is of leadership – particularly of the United States Armed Forces.

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