Donald Trump’s health scandal just got even uglier for him

In the past six months since he was mysteriously taken to Walter Reed Medical Center, we’ve seen a marked decline in Donald Trump’s physical health and cognitive abilities. Yet Trump and his White House have gone to great lengths to cover up whatever is wrong with him – even going so far as to blame a ramp after Trump couldn’t walk down it.

If Trump would simply be honest about his health problems, it could turn out to be something that’s not even disqualifying. But his ongoing insistence on lying to the American people about his serious health issues is 100% disqualifying. Trump keeps trying to make the scandal go away by obsessively talking about it, which never works. Now it’s gotten even uglier for him.

The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump republican group famous for being a thorn in Donald Trump’s side, just released this devastating new ad about Trump’s health scandal (if the video below doesn’t load on your device, go here instead):


Again, the real story here isn’t that Donald Trump has a health issue. If he’s merely become physically disabled in some way, who cares? He can still do the job just fine. But whatever is wrong with him, he’s lying about it. That becomes even more problematic when you consider that his physical health problems appear to be accompanied by cognitive health problems – which could be disqualifying. Americans deserve answers, and if we keep up the pressure, Trump is going to have to deliver answers, or resign to avoid providing those answers.

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