Donald Trump just heaped dirt on his own campaign’s grave

It’s not just that Donald Trump suffered the humiliation of a small crowd at tonight’s Tulsa rally, after he spent weeks falsely hyping expected attendance numbers. It’s that by the time Trump made his way to the stage, he revealed that he has no desire or ability to do what it takes to give himself a chance to win this.

Trump is down by roughly ten points nationwide. He’s behind in every swing state, and he’s tied or behind in several red states as well. It couldn’t be more clear that his current strategy isn’t working. He has to find a way to reach additional voters. Yet he instead spent his speech self-indulgently rambling about the things he enjoys rambling about, instead of the things that might help him.

For a guy who’s spent so many years on television, it’s remarkable that Trump appears to have no understanding that far more people are viewing his rally speeches at home than in the arena. He can’t just use these speeches to get the idiots inside the building to cheer for him. He already has their votes. It’s the people at home, who have never loved him, but never have figured out which side is telling the truth about him, who are going to decide whether he wins or loses.

Donald Trump’s speech on Saturday night only served to heap dirt on his campaign’s grave. Considering how poorly-attended the rally was in a pro-Trump red state, you have to wonder if Trump will end up canceling his upcoming planned rallies in swing states in order to avoid the embarrassment. If so, then this will have been his one big opportunity to widen his too-small support levels. Instead he spent his speech ranting about trying to walk down a ramp and hurling racial slurs. Trump just doesn’t get that this strategy is causing him to lose, or he doesn’t care.

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