Donald Trump and his henchmen are having a really bad day

We all woke up today knowing it would be a bad day for Roger Stone, and sure enough, it was. Last night we predicted that bad news was coming for Matt Whitaker, and sure enough, it did. But as the day has gone on, the hits have just kept coming for Donald Trump’s henchmen.

First there was the news that federal judge Amy Berman Jackson is hauling in Roger Stone on Thursday, after he posted an Instagram image which appeared to call for her murder. Judge Jackson’s order today suggests that she’s planning to place a gag order on Stone and/or revoke his bail entirely, unless he can convince her not to. That puts him behind the eight ball, and leaves a good chance that Stone will be a prisoner by the end of Thursday.

Then came the news that not only has Matt Whitaker been nailed for perjury, it’s even uglier for him than we were expecting. He had a conversation with Donald Trump about illegally rigging the SDNY investigation into Trump, and then lied about it under oath. This leaves Whitaker with the choice of going to prison or cutting a plea deal against Trump, if he hasn’t done the latter already.

Then came the mother of all bombshells: the revelation that Donald Trump and Jared Kushner were plotting to sell U.S. nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia. That’s straight up treason, and it means Kushner is unlikely to ever get out of prison. It’s been a long day for Trump’s henchmen, and the hits just keep coming.